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Finding A Career In Arts And Entertainment

Which career should an artist pursue? It is a common question for many artists, especially those who are just starting out. However, there are more career options around that you may be able to pursue as an artist than you might think – and even if art or music isn’t your thing, you can still artfully turn your love of art into a passionate hobby.

How Much Money Do Artists Make?

Artists can make a good living doing art and entertainment, but it depends entirely on what skill they are making a living from. For example, an artist who is painting works for private art collectors to put on their wall can sell art pieces that retail in the tens of thousands (or more). But, on the other hand, an artist whose artwork isn’t as popular might be struggling to pay the bills.

How Do You Market Your Art?

One of the most essential things artists (and art lovers) need to understand is that art and entertainment are two different fields. Artists have their art; entertainers market themselves more publicly and consider marketing their art, but art isn’t so much about marketing if it’s not going to be sold anyway. But let’s assume that you want to make a living with your art, that you actually want to earn money. How do you go about it? You need something that both art lovers and art critics love, but art critics have less to say about art than art lovers do. You could try doing stuff most people like; take a classic art style, improve on it with a twist (if your art is edgy), or go for realism if you want the exact opposite. There are many ways to market your art, for instance, you could display your art locally at a coffee shop, or play your music in a barbershop, or live stream your craft over the internet. You see, there are many ways you can go about this.

Showcase Your Art On Social Media

Social media platforms like Instagram are great places for you to showcase your artwork. Make art that you think will be popular among art lovers and art critics. Your art can be the basis of a business, but your art needs to have something unique about it; do not just copy other people’s art! People will respect your art more if you put some effort into making it.

Many artists make money by selling their work, but there are also money-making opportunities that exist in teaching. Art teachers, music teachers, they all can make a living teaching students their craft. So if you’re interested in art or music, consider teaching art or music lessons to beginners. You can also get paid for the art you do on social media. For example, art commissions. People will pay money to have art made by you based on their requests, but these art commissions are not always popular among an artist’s fan base because they often feel like they are selling out. There is a way around this, though.

Create Merchandise For Your Art

You can create t-shirts and posters to promote your art. You can also make art books. You can sell this art merchandise at art galleries, music events, comic book shops, anime conventions, and other art-related events.

If you’re interested in music, perform a live show for people. The majority of the time, you’ll be paid to play, which is great because it’s essentially a way for you to gain more exposure, play live, and record the live performance for broadcast later.